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Graphical, Interactive Calculators, Decision Support Tools & Guided Selling Solutions

VisualCalc calculators and tools are graphical, interactive calculators, decision support tools, and guided selling solutions. Organizations can embed these intuitive tools on their website or other electronic media to help their customers and prospects effectively evaluate their products and services, leading them to the best possible purchasing decision. These online tools help organizations generate leads, close prospects, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize their product sales mix.

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Rich Graphics + Universal Platform Support

VisualCalc’s calculators and tools feature an interactive, intuitive user interface that enables dynamic “what if” analysis, yet still offer universal platform support across both desktop and mobile devices, with no requirement for graphic plug-ins. These tools can be fully customized for an organization’s functional requirements and branding standards. These tools can also be integrated with 3rd party systems and databases, providing users with a personalized, comprehensive basis for their analysis.

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Attract, Engage & Educate Your Customers

It used to be that an informative website was sufficient. Today, customers also expect to be able to interact with you via your website - quickly and intuitively. VisualCalc calculators and tools help you direct your customers to the right product for their needs. Attract them with an engaging and intuitive user interface. Guide them by asking relevant questions. Close the sale with an immediate call to action. Satisfy them by ensuring they have selected the best product for their requirements. Keep them coming back to see how changes in their circumstances affect their product needs.

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Increase Leads, Close Rates & Revenues

VisualCalc calculators and tools can be used directly by your customers and website visitors, or by your sales organizations to guide your customers through complex products or life-cycle changes. In either case, these calculators and tools can help you increase close rates, reduce cycle time, and increase revenues. We recently worked with a one of the country’s largest banks, for example, on a custom tool that was deployed on their website. This custom tool attracted over one million visitors and generated over 10,000 leads.

Guided Selling Solutions for Your Website

VisualCalc’s tools can be used by an organization’s sales and customer service associates as a “guided selling solution and relationship builder.”  These tools establish a standardized, proactive process for all associates to follow. The tool guides associates through their interaction with customers and prospects, helping them make the best possible recommendation regarding the organization’s products and services.

Key Features

  • Intuitive, graphical user interface
  • Interactive “what if” analysis capabilities
  • Universal platform support: Desktop AND Mobile
  • Embedded calculation engine that supports state-of-the-art computational algorithms and simulation techniques
  • Customizable for functional requirements and branding standards
  • Integration with internal and external systems and databases
  • Integrated data capture and forward capabilities
  • Graphical web analytics dashboard
  • See our Features & Benefits page for more details.


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A Family of Solutions to Meet Your Needs

VisualCalc provides a family of calculators and decision support tools to meet your specific needs. See our Product Variations page for more details.

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