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Calculators for Businesses

VisualCalc provides a family of interactive calculators, decision support tools, and guided selling solutions to meet your specific needs:

Pre-configured Financial Calculators: We offer a wide variety of pre-configured financial calculators that can quickly and easily be deployed on your website as-is, including Mortgage Calculators, Retirement Calculators, Income & Insurance Calculators, Savings Calculators and Auto Loan Calculators. View our Consumer Calculators page for the most current list of our pre-configured calculators.

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Configurable Decision Support Tools: For application-specific requirements, we offer a variety of configurable decision support tools. These platforms have a set of core capabilities that have already been “pre-built”, saving you development time and cost, but are designed to be easily customizable to meet your specific requirements, including branding and graphic standards, user interface standards, and business rules. The configurable custom tool platforms we currently offer are listed below:

  1. Deposit Allocation Tool
  2. Health Plan Comparison Tool
  3. Health Treatment Fee Tool
  4. Retirement Planning Calculator

Custom Calculators & Tools: We can develop completely custom calculators and tools to meet your unique business requirements. These custom tools are built on top of our core technology platform, including an embedded calculation engine that supports state-of-the-art computational algorithms and simulation techniques, and a set of advanced graphical user interface elements, including a variety of user input mechanisms (sliders, input boxes, check boxes, etc.) and data display formats (bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, gas gauges, etc.).


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Product Backgrounder

Retirement Planning Tool

The VisualCalc Retirement Planning Tool enables plan administrators to help their plan participants prepare for their retirement needs, as well as maximize overall retirement fund balances.

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Success Story

HMO Health Treatment Fee Tool

One of the country’s largest HMO’s uses VisualCalc Custom Calculators & Tools to improve customer acquisition and retention, and reduce administrative costs.

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