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Here are some of the glowing comments VisualCalc partners have about our products, technology and customer service.

  "VisualCalc has allowed us to offer in-depth analytical software to our existing financial customers, providing them with an intuitive, graphical interface that allows them to make insightful decisions quickly." - Ralf Emmerich, Finantix CEO  
  "VisualCalc's innovative, powerful and easy-to-use graphical business analysis suite allows our members to analyze technology investment and market data for the greater Sacramento region. VisualCalc has been very responsive to our suggestions for enhancements to the VisualCalc Dashboard. Our members are able to quickly identify trends and drill-down to a very granular level. The power of this tool is apparent within the first few keystrokes, enabling the user to go from a high-level dashboard to detailed, specific reports within minutes." - Oleg Kaganovich, SARTA COO  
  "VisualCalc thinks about usability the way we do. The quality of their tools is stellar, and we are proud to use them and recommend them to our clients. These are the best financial analysis tools on the web." - Brendan McMahon, Level 9 President